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Degree Examinations

Degree examination

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1. To be eligible for oral defense of thesis, students must have submitted reports from eight attended lectures (of which at least four must be off campus) and four seminars/conferences (of which at least two must be off campus). Students must submit a signed form by the thesis advisor within two weeks of each lecture or seminar/conference.
2. To be eligible for oral defense of thesis, students must have passed subject examination and successfully completed all credits required for graduation.
3. To be eligible for oral defense of thesis, students must have passed preliminary evaluation of thesis. Preliminary thesis evaluation is offered once per semester.
4. Students shall submit application for oral defense one month in advance. At the time of application, students shall submit thesis, thesis advisor permission letter and application form.
5. Academic thesis regulations are based on Ministry of Education regulations. The format of the thesis shall be according to the academic thesis submission system. For format of annotations and references, refer to the style guides of this graduate institute.
6. The University president shall invite three persons from inside or outside of the University to serve as degree examination members. The thesis advisor shall serve as one of the members of the degree examination committee. At least one member of the committee shall be from outside of the University. In the case of two thesis advisors, one shall be a member of the degree examination committee. The committee shall choose one member from among themselves to serve as chair.
7. The period of the oral defense is two hours. The highest possible score is 100 points. Seventy points are required to pass. The score shall be determined by the average of scores submitted anonymously by the degree examination committee members in attendance. However, if more than half of the committee members submit failing scores, the student shall be considered to have failed the examination.
8. If the student fails and the term of study has not yet expired, he/she may re-apply to take the degree examination the following semester or academic year. The examination may only be retaken once. If a student does not pass a second time, he/she will be required to withdraw from the program. On re-test, the highest possible score is 80 points regardless of the actual score achieved.
9. Following passage of oral defense, the student shall submit five copies of the thesis and one CD with electronic file(s). One hardbound copy of the thesis shall be provided for the graduate institute collection. The colors and format of the cover shall be in accordance with the regulations of this graduate institute.